COVID-19 Policy

Please consider the following when attending face to face sessions, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Matter of Mindz (Kealey Dent) provide therapy rooms that adhere to the social distancing measures. These rooms are rented by professional counselling agencies who adhere to the above measures. The below also applies for walk & talk therapy.


Hand sanitiser is provided in each therapy room and at the entrance of the building. If the agency has a front and rear access, sanitiser has been provided at both. Please read the following:

  • Please be aware of risks attending face to face counselling sessions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We do not accept liability if you contract the coronavirus.

  • Please feel free to wear a mask if you wish to do so. If you wish your counsellor to wear one, ask and this will be adhered to.

  • Hand sanitiser gel is provided, please use the gel upon entering and leaving the premises.

  • Surfaces, door handles are wiped down after each client, but please limit the touching of surfaces unless there is a need to do so.

  • If you are clinically vulnerable you are advised not to attend face to face therapy sessions. Online counselling is available as an alternative. If you do decide face to face sessions, you do so at your own risk.

  • You are not to attend face to face sessions or visit the premise’s if you have contracted coronavirus, have a new cough or temperature or any other associated symptoms associated with coronavirus.

  • You are advised to bring your own water should you wish to do so. Whilst cups and glasses are provided it is advised that we do not use them. If they are used, Kealey Dent or the agency where the rooms are rented are not liable if COVID-19 is contracted as a result. Using these implements are done do at each person’s own risk.

  • Please be aware that if a visitor of the agency’s contracts COVID-19 it is requested that therapists advise the NHS of other visitors of the service so that they can be informed to self-isolate. If this happens, we will not disclose why you are visiting the premises but simply give your name and number.



Please sign below to say that you have understood and agree to the above.


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