How To Manage Suicidal Feelings

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings? Are you struggling with managing these?

““If you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.” – Unknown”

Feeling suicidal is more common than we think and can happen to any of us at any stage of our own life. I like to think of it as every human is driving their own train to their own desired destination of goals, hopes, fears and most of the time we always think it will never happen to us. Life is uncertain and we never know what it is going to put in front of our train to cause an obstacle. Sometimes we may be able to move the obstacle ourselves and sometimes we may need help.

Often the people closest to you may not even realise that you are struggling and you may be feeling alone and isolated, which in turn may make you feel like no one cares, but it is so important to remember that the actions of your decision will not only just affect you but will affect all of your family members and friends, who do care but may not be aware how low you are feeling or may not know how to help you.

It is so important to find someone you can speak to, it doesn't matter who that person is but speaking out is key to start your journey to getting the help you may need. There is nothing worse than feeling alone and unnoticed.

In 2018, there were 6,507 suicides registered in the UK. This number seems to be rising however these days there is more awareness and suicide is more spoken about than ever before.

The highest rate of suicides were amongst men aged between 40 and 44.

Over the years, female suicide rates have also increased and are at the highest they have been in decades.

After reading the above, now have a think. Would you like to be included in the above stats? Would you like to be known as another number?

Feeling suicidal is tough and can feel like taking your own life is the only option. I can guarantee you don't actually want it to end, you want the pain to stop. Just remember that everything is temporary, what you are feeling and thinking right now is temporary and with the right help and support you can overcome this and continue your journey on your train.

When you’re feeling suicidal there are certain things that can help you when you feel all hope is lost.

1. Surround yourself with people If you’re feeling suicidal it is important to surround yourself with good people whether they are family, friends, work colleagues, professionals or even people you don’t know. The most dangerous person you can be around at the moment is yourself, therefore be surrounding yourself with people you are decreasing your chances of acting out on your thoughts. Also by talking to people you may even come to realise that you are not alone. There are people wanting to help. Samaritans 116 123, SANEline 0300 304 7000 PAPYRUS HOPElineUK for young people considering suicide 0800 068 41 41, NHS 111, GP

2. Use the Resources around you, such as the Samaritans. There are many charities and resources around nowadays that can help you, such as The Samaritans. The Samaritans is a safe place that you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to talk to somebody whenever you feeling low and are finding it hard to cope with your emotions. They are trained to help you and offer a listening ear.

3. Online Forums There are plenty of online forums available now where you can post anonymously and explain your situation and talk about how you are feeling. This will give you an opportunity to speak to somebody who might be going through something similar and you may be able to draw support from each other and make new friends.

4. Avoid drugs and alcohol If you’re feeling low already, elicit substances can often make your thoughts even more intense making you feel even more lower. Therefore it is worth avoiding drugs and alcohol if you are feeling suicidal or are have suicidal ideation.

5. Remind yourself what you have to live for Make a list of all the things in your life currently that make you want to stay in this world. They could be as little as you wanting to remember the smell of your favourite flower, to you wanting to bake a cake, to your children’s names or your pet’s names. Keep these reasons with you as they will be the reasons that will stop you from acting out on your thoughts.

6. Create a Hope Box When you’re feeling suicidal, it can be hard to find hope but there are always reasons to stay alive. By preparing a hope box in advance, it is something you can turn to when you are feeling low. In your hope box you can put things in there that you know will distract or soothe you when you are in crisis. It is a good idea to include things that appeal to your senses such as a CD, chocolates, stress ball, smelly oils etc.

7. Start Therapy Start counselling as it’s a great way to talk through issues that may be troubling you. Counsellors are well equipped to help with suicidal ideations and can listen to what you want to talk about. If you are feeling suicidal they will help you to determine what is causing you to feel down and work with you to try and come up with coping mechanisms and skills that can help you.

“When you feel like giving up, just remember the reason why you held on for so long.” – Unknown

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