Feeling unfulfilled? Feeling like your not doing anything for you? Needing some soul food?

What is Soulfood?

Soulfood is a term I have adopted on my travels on becoming a counsellor - it replaces the word selfcare for me.

We all need a boost from time to time right? This is why Soulfood is key, as that is exactly what that can provide.

What's my soul food I hear you ask?

- Yoga and paddle boarding - for me these two activities clear my mind and always ensure a good nights sleep.

- Food wise, chocolate & a hot water bottle for comfort.

- Buying a new cactus always lifts my mood.

SoulFood is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it's a simple concept in theory, it's something we very often overlook. Its easy to forget about sometimes right? busy weeks, school runs, chores and a rather long and never ending to do list. I hear you.

SoulFood is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety levels.

Many sources the below are good acts of self care.

Some tips for self-care include:

Live Healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol. Manage stress and go for regular medical check-ups.

Practice good hygiene. Good hygiene is important for social, medical, and psychological reasons in that it not only reduces the risk of illness, but it also improves the way others view you and how you view yourself.

See friends - to build your sense of belonging. Consider joining a support group to make new friends.

Try to do something you enjoy every day - That might mean dancing, watching a favourite TV show, working in the garden, painting or reading.

Find ways to relax - like meditation, yoga, getting a massage, taking a bath or walking in the woods.

Strengthen your connections - with others and self. It is important to check in with yourself and others.

Research points to the benefits of social connection:

Increased happiness : In one compelling study, a key difference between very happy people and less happy people was good relationships.

Better health : Loneliness was associated with a higher risk of high blood pressure in a recent study of older people.

A longer life : People with strong social and community ties were two or three times less likely to die during a 9-year study.

Some tips to enjoy life and relax:

Do something you loved to do as a kid - Run through the sprinklers, hang from the monkey bars, or make a mess with finger paints.

Do something you've always wanted to do - Bake a soufflé, build a tree house, or learn to knit. If you're not sure how, take a class or look for a local group dedicated to the activity.

Watch or listen to comedy. Via video, podcast, or website. Or get a laugh the old-fashioned way - through the comics section.

Therapeutic massage - A massage can relieve muscle tension, stimulate the body's natural painkillers and boost your immune system. It can also help you feel less anxious and more relaxed.

A nature break - A blue sky, lush bushes, a scenic lake. Walking in - or even just looking at - nature calms our nerves and relieves mental fatigue. In one study, workers with views of nature were happier with their jobs than workers with similar jobs but no nature view.

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