Why Did I Become A Counsellor?

I get asked this question a lot... why did you become a counsellor?

People comment a lot " Your a very young counsellor "

Your more than likely thinking, why on earth is there a photo above with lots of objects from nature. For me my journey on becoming a counsellor has myself felt like a walk down the garden path, facing my fears and finding myself. That's right, finding myself.

Who was I before becoming a counsellor? - Someone looking to help others but not knowing where to start. Someone with so much support to give and not knowing how to channel that - Counselling saved me, and that feeling I get after spending 50 minutes with a client is magical. I feel on top of the world. For me, that's more than any career can offer me.

I remember sitting down with my first ever client, super nervous and full of self doubt. I walked out of that room with more determination than I ever have before. I felt content that I knew this was what I was born to do. Help others overcome the obstacles within their life.

2 years on, and that feeling remains. I love what I do and I don't think that feeling is ever going to go away. Helping others is so rewarding. I remember my first thank you card from a client, whilst I was in training and I felt so emotional. That feeling was something I wont forget.

As part of my training I have had to undergo 40 hours of personal therapy, in all honesty I did a lot more than that as I saw and experienced the benefits of counselling. I myself, was nervous to attend counselling. Why? because studying it, I knew at times it can get super deep.

As a teenager, I experienced family therapy which was more damaging than it was helpful. Since this bad experience I have always wanted to be a counsellor to ensure others do not have an experience like myself.

I want to be that listening ear, provide a different perspective but also see the world through your frame of reference. Walk in your shoes, share your thoughts and feelings and be with you every step of the way. No I do not get bored of hearing people moan. To me this is a safe space for clients to offload and I am honoured to be apart of this experience with my clients. I am privileged they feel safe enough to share things they have not told any other soul.

I don't just spend 50 minutes with my client. They are with me in my thoughts, supervision and when I am researching and reaching out to other professionals to ensure my clients are getting the most out of each and every single session.

I am a young counsellor. I 100% do not fit into the normal stereotype of a counsellor. I am lucky enough to find my calling now!

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